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Long Term Care

Professional Psychological Services in Long Term Care

Senior Life Consultants, Inc. (SLC) has been providing psychological services in long term care and retirement communities since 1994. We have over 20 years experience providing quality services to contracted facilities throughout Ohio.

Life can be challenging at any age. The many changes that are faced by older adults, however, can be especially difficult. Physical illness, loss of loved ones, and relocations are all quite stressful. The feelings that accompany these life events can range from being mildly upset to feeling significant anxiety and depression. The quality of an individual's life and health can easily be diminished if these feelings linger. SLC staff specialize in assisting residents and improving their emotional well being.

You may contact a social worker, resident services coordinator, or a member of the nursing staff at your facility to learn more about how Senior Life Consultants can be of help to you or a family member. If you—as a facility staff member—are interested in having Senior Life Consultants assist your residents with their psychological needs, please contact our clinical manager.

SLC will verify your insurance coverage prior to your first appointment. Our services are covered under Medicare Part B as well as many other insurance plans. For those individuals with both Medicare and Medicaid, there is no additional financial obligation.

Services We Provide to Residents and Their Families

• Assessment and diagnosis of the psychological, behavioral, and/or cognitive functioning of residents referred by facility staff
• Treatment and therapy to help the residents receiving our services to develop coping skills and strategies
• Family therapy when indicated to aid the resident and their family in understanding and coping with current psychological needs and/or with behavior that might be challenging
• Regular consultation with staff to develop care plans that address residents' emotional and behavioral needs
• Written documentation of all services provided
• Psychological and cognitive testing with a written report that includes treatment recommendations
• Consultation with families when requested regarding their family member's psychological treatment and/or assessment

Focus of Services:

During the initial contact with each individual, the clinician will conduct an initial assessment to determine the nature of the presenting problem. During this process, the clinician will interview the individual, his/her family members, and the facility staff that are most familiar with his/her needs. At times, additional testing or screening instruments may be given. After the assessment is completed, our clinicians will determine treatment recommendations.

Man and Woman

SLC provides individual and family therapy at the facility. Each session is confidential and held in private locations within the facility. Therapy sessions may occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the individual's need.

SLC provides clinical consultation with facility staff. SLC clinicians work with the facility staff to understand each individual's unique psychological and emotional needs, and develop plans to improve their quality of life.